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Annyeong haseyo, chonun khaye imnida..
Lee Jinki is my bias for almost 3 years now, and I appreaciate every moment that I've expericenced together with Him and SHINee. He's an angel from the high heavens, and I really hope I will be able to tell it to Him in person in the future. "OPPA"
Please never change, because you're perfect just the way you are, you're such a wonderful human being <3

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Cute Bunny Graphics

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I need a HQ version of this pic RIGHT NOW.

Seek Mag. Scans - Onew
Cr where due

Seek Mag. Scans - OnTae~
Cr where due

141001 SHINee World 2014 “I’m Your Boy” in Gunma

Cr: _MilkBoys
Posted by: Gio @ teamshineebr
[UPDATE] 141001 Onew - SHINee World J Plus Blog Update



Aqui na bela Gunma, onde o urbano e a natureza estão em harmonia, eu me diverti muito! Nós voltaremos e veremos vocês de novo!

Sinto muito por destruir o pedestal do microfone (risos)
Bem, então, vamos fazer o nosso melhor amanhã, também!
Muito obrigado~!


Here in…


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