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Annyeong haseyo, chonun khaye imnida..
Lee Jinki is my bias for almost 3 years now, and I appreaciate every moment that I've expericenced together with Him and SHINee. He's an angel from the high heavens, and I really hope I will be able to tell it to Him in person in the future. "OPPA"
Please never change, because you're perfect just the way you are, you're such a wonderful human being <3

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Cute Bunny Graphics

Blog of the Week
Sukira (KTR)


Ryeowook: Many fans are worried about Onew. How is Onew?

Taemin: Onew hyung is already much better. He can talk now and his condition has improved. He will be back soon. Fans are all really worried.

Ryeowook: Now, Taemin should be the one who takes good care of his voice.

cr: FallinTaem
tr: squishyjinki

taem abt onew’s condition “he’s recovered very much he talks now n will b able to see fans soon”..


CHEF in training

140824 Onew’s twitter update 2:51 PM KST
Hello, this is Onew.
I was nominated by my friends, actor Suh Hajoon, soccer player Lee Bumyung, Jace’s vocal Seunghyun so I participate Ice Bucket Challenge campaign.I am now in recovery process so replace the challenge with donation and handwriting letter but I am pleased I could join in this way.I hope my heart is delivered to every sick people who are fighting with their disease so they get cheered and be happy.
trans cr:thaluuu
  •  -Cultwo radio show-
  • Radio host: Who is the most manly(masculine) member in SHINee?
  • Taemin: All the members in SHINee are manly
  • Radio host: But who is the most?
  • Taemin: Onew hyung. He is really manly, because he knows how to take good care of people.

@pinkpanda: Me, 진기형, 혜림누나 at Coffee bean after we got some sushi :) have never uploaded this before haha forgot I had it. いしょに コ—ヒータイム! #onew #pinkdpanda #혜림누나
Me, jinki hyung, hyerim noona at Coffee bean after we got some sushi :) have never uploaded this before haha forgot I had it. Together coffe time! #onew #pinkdpanda #hyerim noona”
Translated by: Ayame0927

140815 SBS Law of the Jungle staff sent flowers to Onew!cr: OnlyForYouOnew