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Annyeong haseyo, chonun khaye imnida..
i'm a certified shawol but my heart belongs to lee jinki alone..
i don't know how to measure my feelings for him..for me, having him as my bias seems like a heaven and earth relationship..but who cares..everyone can dream right?..
My Heart Knows Something That My Head Don't Know,,
i love him so much that's it...
and i know what can i get if i let my heart win,..

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Cute Bunny Graphics

Blog of the Week


SM really casted Baekhyun as lead in Singing in the Rain?

His first musical?

Along with Onew and Kyuhyun (like he isn’t at their level, boy cannot perform like them on Music Shows so….WAE)?

Can Mr. Byun even act tho?


it’s not like they’ll be acting together,they will going to share the same character in different schedules..

9/500 gifs of Jinki

SHINee World

OnKey Same Pose keke



Key: How about we ditch?

Onew: Yes! but we need an excuse.

Key: Dont worry, we will just say we got lost.


Finally ^^